How To Use A Travelex Discount Code

1. Head over to the Travelex website

Buying currency online is easy with Travelex, infact just a 2 step process.  As you can see there is a "Buy Your Currency Now" box, down the left hand side of the screen.  So just choose what you want to buy, and the amount, then click "Buy Now".

Travelex homepage screenshot

2. Choose the items you want to buy

You are now at the "Options For Your Order" page, where you can see what you have ordered, and a "Your Order Summary on the right of the page with the total cost.  You will then be able to choose, "How Would You Like To Get Your Currency", if you want to collect as we have demonstrated, you can then "Select Location".  At this point you will see directions to the Travelex Bureau, and hours of operation.  There is also a buy back option, which you can opt for further down the page.

Travelex order page screenshot

3. You are now at the Travelex basket

At the "Checkout" page is where all your details need to be entered, including address, contact details and payment information. This is where you also enter your discount code in the "Promotion Code" panel, and then click "Apply Promotion".  You will see the "Order Total at the top right recalculated, to show the discount.  The next step is to click on the "Buy My Currency Now" button,which is at the bottom of this page.

Travelex add discount code page screenshot

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