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Homebase discount codes for tiling, floors and more

Don’t be surprised if you keep hearing the distant siren call of DIY! It’s that time of year. We’re perking up a little and spring, though a way off yet, is definitely in the air. Which puts a spring in our step. As we emerge from deep winter hibernation we seem to turn naturally to sprucing up our homes. So it’s good news that one of the UK’s favourite DIY superstores has kicked off the DIY season early. Our collection of Homebase discount codes is designed to help you along your home improvement way. These generous offers expire on 2nd Feb 2011: 

  • Homebase discount codes for tiling projects –  15% off when you spend more than £150 on tiling stuff
  • Homebase discount codes for flooring projects – if you have your eye on a smart new floor now’s a great time to buy all the gear and get kitted out. There’s 15% when you spend £150 on flooring and associated bits and bobs ’til 2nd Feb
  • Homebase discount codes for furniture – there’s 15% off all furniture orders too, for those little – or large – finishing touches. Homebase has a great range of contemporary furniture for stylish homes

Homebase sells more than 12,000 products online in their furniture and homewares section alone. There’s more than 2000 items in beds and mattresses, over 2000 in sofas and chairs and a massive 1195 or so choices in the storage and shelving section. There’s loads of really lovely living room furniture, gorgeous chairs, dining furniture, tableware and 176 items in the rugs and mats section. If you need it, they’ve probably got it! 

If you’re not quite in the mood for DIY yet, come back soon. We always have a good choice of DIY discount codes on site.  

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