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Home computer discount codes – Bargain hardware!

My computer’s been messing me about for the last couple of days. Every now and again it gasps and dies. So I unplug the power plug from the back of the CPU, wait a while, put it back in and start her up again. I reckon I’ve got a hard disk issue… and it’s an ancient machine anyway, so I need a new PC. Thank goodness for home computer discount codes!

We have a bunch of ‘em on site so I’ll be using one later today to buy a new PC. In the meantime I’m collecting together the install disks for the programmes I need, the product codes, usernames and passwords, so I can reinstall them on my new machine without too much faff. Plus all my files, a .dbx of my Outlook Express usernames and passwords etc etc.

Lesson learned – I should have kept everything on one place, up to date, so the whole process would have been easier. Here I sit, typing frantically in case my computer dies on me again and I lose this post. But enough of that… here’s a run down of just a few of our generous computer discount codes. If your computer is in fine fettle, bookmark our site anyway, just in case it unexpectedly goes belly up on you!

  • Dell discount codes* – 5% off all computers over £649
  • Dell discount codes*- 25% off selected computers when you spend £349
  • Best Buy discount codes – 10% off laptops when you spend over £500
  • Dell discount codes*- 70% off XPS when you spend £799
  • PC World discount codes*- 10% off refurbished computers over £399

* link removed due to page removal

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