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logo for Holland & BarrettWeird breakfast obsession

In the early 1980s, when I was at Art College in Brighton, I’d visit Holland & Barrett on North Street – now an Oxfam shop – every morning on my way in, to buy my breakfast: a wholewheat vegetable pasty and a date slice. That particular breakfast fad lasted for the entire three years I was at college. Absolutely delicious.

Support giving up the fags

In the 1990s when I gave up smoking, I ended up in Holland & Barrett a couple of times a week to buy tobacco-free baccy (made from weird stuff like clover) and menthol herbal cigarettes, both of which were a lot less harmful than actual tobacco.

A treasure trove of exciting products

I have really good memories of the shop. And it’s just as much fun to rummage in today, a veritable treasure trove.

Head their way for health foods and drinks, vitamin, mineral and beauty supplements, weight loss concoctions, sports nutrition and stuff for people on special diets. Plus cleaning products, sweets and chocolate, cereals, contraceptives, cosmetics, cakes, gardening stuff, hair colour, immune system support, yoghurts and milks… if it’s good for you, it’s online at Holland & Barrett at everyday prices, easy to order.

Common sense, scientifically sound advice and information

As well as the shop side of things, there’s also a wealth of common sense guidance and information online about an array of issues from vitamins and minerals to sports and herbal supplements, food, toiletries and joint care. Which is great news when there’s so much rubbish written about such things: unlike many, you really can trust H&B to give sensible, scientifically sound advice. No bullshit, no fibs, no exaggerations, just the whole truth about what is and isn’t good for you.

Strict quality assurance and a ‘green’ outlook

Holland and Barrett pride themselves on providing education, good advice and a wide product range. They are hot on environmental responsibility. And they apply strict quality assurance standards so you get nothing but the best.

Our fab Holland and Barrett discount code

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