Gorgeous home made garden lights

Yesterday I thought I’d get my ass in gear and make a few test versions of garden lights, home made lanterns for tea lights. Three mayonnaise jars and an hour later, here they are. And here’s how I did it.

1. photo 1 – paint basic designs on the outside of each jar using white water based eggshell paint, which sticks fast whatever the weather.

jars painted with white designs

2. photo 2 – draw on extra decor using Tulip 3D craft paints.

jars painted with craft 3d paint

3. photo 3 – use glass paints to fill in the designs with greens and pinks.

glass paint on mayo jars

4. photo 4 – add garden twine handles, pop in a tea light and… voila!

DIY garden light hanging

And here they are lit (the 3 photos at the bottom).

garden light 1

garden light 2

3rd DIY garden lantern