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Go wild in the country and exercise your right to roam!

There’s nothing more lovely than the great British countryside. And it’s free to explore. Recent ‘Right to Roam’ legislation has opened up thousands of square miles of beautiful countryside to the public, and outdoor fun is a big hit this summer. Here’s a few tips for things to do out in the wilds with your family:

  • have a picnic – simple food tastes spectacularly good outdoors! Boiled eggs, bread and butter and a flask of tea. Lashings of ginger beer and all that…
  • fly a kite – the exercise will do you good and it’s enormous fun. Stunt kites, kites shaped like birds and butterflies… scout around our discount codes – you’re bound to find a bargain kite somewhere or other
  • sleep out under the stars – this is one of the most exciting and adventurous things you can do with the kids when the weather’s warm. Take your sleeping bags, torch, flask and butties and sleep outdoors. They’ll remember it for the rest of their lives!
  • make sandcastles – simple pleasures appeal to every generation. Hit a sandy beach and spend the day having a sandcastle competition, build a dam to stop the tide, bury your grandma up to her neck in it… unbeatable!
  • climb trees, another childhood favourite. Let your kids run wild in the woods, discover wildlife, getting overexcited and totally filthy, while you sit in a sunny clearing with a cool drink, a good book, listening to your wind-up radio or just chilling while the birds sing
  • fish with a simple net and jam jar. It’s really good fun as well as educational. Pottering about by the side of a pond is the perfect way to learn about the UK’s water creatures. Just be sure your kids treat the creatures they catch gently and put them back in the water unharmed

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