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Go Freeview and save up to £600 a year!

How many TV channels does your TV package include? If you’ve gone for Sky or Virgin you could be paying up to £50 a month for hundreds of channels, most of which – let’s face it – are crap! The UK will be switching off analogue soon and there are literally hundreds of brilliant television offers out there. So that’s your TV sorted. But what about your viewing package? 

Many digital  TV services are tied in with broadband and phone but it’s worth disentangling things. If you want to save up to £50 a month on your TV package why not choose Freeview? You just buy the set top box for £30 – £40 then you don’t pay a thing after that. 

At the moment Freeview provides about 50 digital TV channels, 25 radio stations and a load of useful ‘red button’ features to make your viewing life easy and fun. You get all the major channels and a good chunk of quality extras too.  And, of course, some crap! But there’s nowhere near as much rubbish as paid-for packages. 

You can even get Freeview HD boxes and TVs with Freeview built in so you don’t need a box. There’s also Freeview Plus, with boxes costing between £70 and £200, an all-singing, all-dancing version complete with digital TV recording, live TV rewind/pause, iPlayer access and plenty more. 

£600 a year is a massive saving. Armed with a fist full of our exciting discount codes you could treat yourself and your family to a huge spending spree and still enjoy excellent television. A real winner!

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