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Get your holiday shots and save a fortune on medical treatment abroad

If you’re looking for a cheap last minute break you can’t go far wrong on our site, where there’s well in excess of a hundred generous travel discount codes to cut the cost of foreign holidays. But don’t forget the boring side of things like vaccinations. If you do, you could end up in a really horrible financial pickle.

If you’re leaving the UK the chances are you’ll need to get your childhood vaccinations up to date at the very least. For most countries, even in the good old EU, you’ll probably need extra jabs to protect you against disease. Tick-borne encephalitis is common right across Europe in rural areas and Hepatitis A and tetanus shots are usually recommended as the bare minimum.

Why do you need holiday vaccinations? Obviously they protect you from nasty illnesses. But they also play a vital part in your holiday insurance. If you don’t have the shots recommended by your GP or travel clinic, the hospital and emergency medical treatment sections of your travel insurance policy won’t pay out if you catch a disease, whether it’s tropical or not.

Everyone knows how expensive private medical treatment is. Going without travel insurance is a false economy. If you’re badly injured or really ill it could easily cost you thousands of pounds and repatriation by private air ambulance is unbelievably expensive.

Of course there’s always your EHIC – the European Health Insurance Card. But it doesn’t pay out for everything and never includes repatriation. There’s no getting away from it… if you want to save money on healthcare abroad get your shots sorted out, apply for an EHIC and buy good quality travel insurance to fill the gaps. Going commando, without protection or insurance, could be the most costly decision you’ve ever made!

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