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Prepare for 4G

4G is on the way, so the internet is about to become even more exciting. What is 4G? It’s fourth generation super-fast broadband, due in Britain some time during the middle of next year. Much of the USA and most of Europe already have it, so it’s about time we caught up.  We’ll be able to download stuff much faster, with entire movies downloadable in just seconds, and the entire online experience will be noticeably smoother. Cool!

This week the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, “I am today announcing an ambition to be not just the best overall, but specifically the fastest broadband of any major European country. Getting the plumbing right for our digital economy is not just an advantage to consumers – it is also essential for our digital and creative industries, all of whom need reliable high-speed networks to develop and export their products as they move large digital files around the world.”

Apparently the UK government is aiming for 90% saturation levels. The lucky 90% will get speedy connections of 24Mbps (megabytes per second) or more by 2015, with the remaining 10% of people being able to access the basic minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps. If you’re lucky, you’ll fall into the 90% bracket but slow rural lines look like taking  a lot longer to switch to the new technology.

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