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We don’t all live near a Money Exchange Bureau. Sometimes the nearest service is miles away, you’re busy and you’d rather not have to make a special trip.

So it’s good to know that our Travelex discount codes can save you all the hassle, with free next day delivery to your doorstep. Just order your cash online and it’ll be with you tomorrow. Simples!

We also have a second Travelex discount code on board right now, offering a pre-paid currency card with no-charge withdrawals from ATMs. Which is a lot safer than carrying wads of cash around with you, or stashing it in your hotel room. And much more convenient than Travellers Cheques.

Prepaid currency cards are as flexible as debit cards, a safe and convenient alternative. All you do is ‘load up’ your cash onto your card either in-store or online and you’re off. You get a unique PIN number, which means you can take money out securely via cashpoint machines or pay for goods point-of-sale in much the same way as you’d use your debit card. If you lose your currency card or it’s stolen, Travelex have people on the end of the phone 24/7 to help and assist, and provide a free replacement card if you need one.

 Better still, Travelex guarantees you get the best currency exchange deal in Britain, whatever currency you’re exchanging your hard-earned quids for.

 Travelex has been providing currency exchange services since 1976 and these days trades in more than 80 currencies across 50 countries. As well as operating online they have more than 1,100 outlets, one in every major UK airport, plus more than 900 cash machines. And because they provide foreign currency services for banks, supermarkets, travel agencies and so on too, their ultimate reach extends to more than 100 countries and twenty thousand locations.

As sponsors of the National Theatre, with special Travelex Seasons coming under their banner, the company has sold more than two million theatre tickets at cinema ticket prices, over 360,000 of which were sold to people who’d never been to The National before.

All in all a jolly good deal, from one of our most popular and trusted holiday-related partners.

Here’s a link to our Travelex discount codes. Happy holidays!