Generous Austin Reed discount codes for stylish, smart threads

What do they wear where you work?

I live in Brighton, which has a lively new media industry employing zillions of clever geeky and creative types. You should see some of their offices. Funky doesn’t cover it – one online marketing agency I’ve visited has beautiful graffiti artwork on the walls, piped music, wide screen telly and a ‘playroom’.

As you’d expect, the majority of the people in the sector are about twelve, and they’re usually clad in t-shirts, hoodies and jeans. As are most of their clients. But when they’re off to do a pitch for a piece of new business, or a client presentation, many of them still get suited and booted.

Relaxing the workplace dress code

Apparently traditional office based industries are chilling out too, with fewer suits and ties, skirts and shirts, and more smart-casual wear. But it’s still the norm to look smart for interviews.

If I was on the job market right now and had an interview coming up, I’d probably phone the company first and ask the receptionist about their dress code. It’s bad enough turning up in a full suit and tie when everyone else is in jeans, but even worse the other way round… what a cringe.

Freelance dress code craziness

I work at home these days and I still get dressed up for work, clip-clopping around the house in my heels, skirt and jacket with only the cats to witness my sartorial elegance (!). But when I look the part, I feel the part. If I sat here all day in dressing gown and slippers, like some people I know, with my hair left in its usual early morning afro/birds nest state, I wouldn’t do a very good job. Weird, that.

Reasons to be smart…

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