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Gap Adventures discount codes – Climb Kilimanjaro on the cheap!

If the thought of lying on a beach for two weeks makes you feel ill with boredom, and you’d rather trek in the insect ridden, hot, wet jungle than fight your way through the crowds in a noisy bar any day of the week, Gap Adventures could be your perfect holiday solution.

Their site’s jammed solid with fantastic adventure breaks, way off the beaten path. It’s about embracing the unusual, expecting the unexpected and letting your spirit fly free within a superbly organised framework. 

Best of all there’s £50 off Kilimanjaro Trek bookings with our Gap Adventures discount codes when you book before 18th April 2011

Gap’s award winning breaks involve using local transport and authentic accommodation, bringing you face to face with some of the planet’s most remote and fascinating cultures. The gentle way. Because they take advantage of what’s already there, your holiday has a lower ecological impact than many. No hotel-encrusted coastlines. No new tourist tourist developments and resorts. It’s all about experiencing adventure in peace, in comparative harmony with the natural world.

Sadly many of the regions, environments and cultures covered are changing fast. And traditional ways of life are disappearing. A trek with Gap Adventures could be the last chance in your lifetime to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most amazing people and places. So go for it before it’s too late! 

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