Frequently Asked Questions…

Got a discount code related question that you really want to know that answer to? Well look no further! We’ve pulled together an extensive list of FAQs so you’re sure to find everything you need below…

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Q.1 What are discount / voucher codes?

Discount codes, also known as voucher codes, promotional codes and e-vouchers to name but a few, allow you to save money when shopping online. The retailer that the code is for will allow you to enter the code, which is usually a word or series of random numbers and letters, into the discount box on their website to give you some sort of discount.

Q.2 What is the difference between a discount code, promotional code, promo code or voucher code?

Nothing, they are all the same thing and all result in a nice big money saving for anyone who uses them.

Q.3 Who can use a code?

Anyone, there are normally no restrictions on who can use a discount code, unless of course it’s a discount for new customers only.

Q.4 How do I use a discount code?

Discount codes are really easy to use. All you need to do is add the items you want to buy to your online basket and begin the checkout process. Then you need to keep your eyes peeled for an area within the checkout pages that lets you redeem the discount code. Once you’ve entered the code and applied it to your order, you should see the discount removed from the transaction amount immediately.

Q.5 Are discount codes safe to use?

Yes, completely safe. works in partnership with hundreds of retailers everyday to provide you with fantastic, money saving, trustworthy deals. If it’s on Discount Coder, it’s perfectly safe to use.

Q.6 How do I find a discount code for a particular retailer?

There are many ways to find a code on with one of the most common being the search bar along the top right of every single page of the site. The search bar can be used to look for retailers that you’re interested in seeing the discount codes for.

Q.7 How do I get to view the code and then copy it?

Once you have found the discount code you’re interested in on, simply click the link that says “Click here to show code and open website”. Once clicked, the code will appear for you to highlight, right click + copy. At the same time the retailers website will open in a new tab, ready for you to go shopping.

Q.8 Where do I enter the code?

It depends as every retailer’s checkout process is slightly different although most will follow these simple rules:

  • The code entry box will be marked as such
  • There is usually a text entry field with a button next to it that reads ‘update’, ‘add’, ‘apply’ or something similar
  • The code box nearly always appears before you enter your payment details

If you’re still having trouble finding the discount code box don’t worry, just take a look down the right-hand side of the retailers page on for a little green box titles ‘Retailer Guides’. If this box appears on the page it will contain links to tutorials that will show you exactly how to use the specific retailers discount codes.

Q.9 What savings can be made?

Every discount varies, but the full information of what discount the code or offer will give you can be found either in its title, its headline or the code summary, all of which can be found right next to the discount itself.

Q.10 Can I share the codes?

Yes, you can tell whoever you like about the code, after all everyone loves a bargain. The only time you may not be able to do this is if the retailer has sent you a unique code i.e. a different code per customer, other than that, knock yourself out!

Q.11 What can I use a code for?

This depends on the discount code in question. Make sure you read the code description on as well as any terms and conditionsif there are any, that way you know exactly what you can use the code for.

Q.12 Can I use the code in store as well as online?

This is usually a no I’m afraid. The only time that you can use the code in store to is if you are using a specific printable voucher or the retailer is happy to accept online voucher codes in store. Restaurants are a big fan of this.

Q.13 What is the average length of time the code will last for?

This changes dramatically per retailer and even per code. Some codes may only last a matter of hours or days, whereas other will last weeks, months or even years! But don’t worry, we post an expiry date next every single discount code of deal that we add to the site so you are always keep informed of when an offer is about to end. However, if you do miss out on a great deal, don’t worry because we communicate with our retailers every single day and are sure to have another fantastic offer lined up for you in no time. But just to be on the safe side, why not sign up for email newsletter to make sure you never miss another hot code again.

Q.14 What do I do if my code does not work?

On occasions this can happen and most of the time it is due to an error with the code, such as a code misspell, or that an incorrect expiry date has been issued to us by the retailer. It could also be down to the retailer changing the original terms and conditions of the code, but that is extremely rare.

A more common cause for a code not working is that there are limits on what the code cane be used for. For example if Comet send us a code for dishwashers, but you try to use the code for washing machines, it won’t work. So as a rule, if the code does not work for you after a few attempts, go back to the retailer page on DC and double check what the code is for. If that still doesn’t solve the problem please do feel free to get in touch and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on in no time.

We take great care in making sure our codes work and will always follow up with the retailer if an incorrect code has been added.

Q.15 Are there any restrictions when using a code and how many codes can I use?

This varies from retailer to retailer. If there are any restrictions applied to a discount code they will be clearly marked within the terms and conditions section of that code. The same goes for how many code you can use at once. If the retailers checkout can accept more than one code at a time (most can’t, but some can) then you are free to use as many codes as possible.

Q.16 Will I get worse service from a retailer if I use a code?

No, you will be treated with the same level of customer service as someone who did not use a code. Retailers produce the codes for consumers to use as part of their overall marketing, therefore they are happy for you to use the codes and still enjoy great customer service.

Q.17 Will my product return rights be affected if I use a code?

No, every company has different refund/return policies but using a code will not affect this. As long as the item still meets the requirements of the retailers returns policy, normal terms and conditions will apply.

Q.18 Do the codes cost me anything to use?

No, they are completely, 100% free of charge and always will be!

Q.19 What are the expired codes all about?

An expired code is one that has already expired. We archive these on the website so you can get a feel for what sort of discounts you can expect if you’re in no rush to make a purchase.

Q.20 If I use a code can I use another one with the same retailer in the future?

Yes, you can. Retailers issue codes in the same way that you see special offers/promotions in store. Codes come and go but you can always use one if it’s available. The only time that this may not be the case is if a code if specifically "for new customers only”.

Q.21 Do I have to sign up to to use a code?

No, you can use a code directly from one of our retailer pages, there is no obligation to register before or after. That said, if you would like to sign up for our weekly hot codes newsletter, or join us on Facebook, twitter or Google plus you’re more than welcome.

You can also find great new codes in the ‘Hottest Discounts’ section on the homepage, the news ticker that runs across the top of the homepage, and any of the 4 tabs that run across the top of every page on the site, in particular the ‘Most Popular Deals’ tab. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also split the deals down into 15 handy categories for you to have a rummage through.

Q.22 Can I use the same code for similar retailers if they sell the same product?

No, codes are unique to each retailer. Even if the products are the same, the code is specific to the retailer promoting it, so will only work on their site.

Q.23 What if the store I want to shop at does not have a current code on DC?

Unfortunately not all retailers have continuous codes, we recommend you sign up to our weekly newsletter to receive the hottest codes we get our hands on.

Q.24 If the code expires after I ordered, but before receiving the item, will I still get the discount?

Sure, as soon as you have confirmed and paid for the order you will receive the goods and will not be charged anything further.