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FREE entertainment across the UK!

The school summer holidays are looming and parents all over the UK are preparing themselves for the onslaught… several weeks of trying to keep bored, fractious children entertained without spending a king’s ransom.  

In the olden days our parents threw us out of the house every morning and we’d play out on the streets from dawn ’til dusk all summer. These days keeping the kids happy is a much more expensive business. But there’s good news. Today, almost every town in the UK – and plenty of villages – hold a summer festival of some sort or another. 

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the free festivals and fayres across the South East. If you want to find free enertainment opportunities in your area, just visit  money saving expert for a complete list by region.

  • The Beggars Fair in Romsey – music, street entertainment and dance – 9th and 10th July
  • Faringdon Arts Festival – art, comedy, face painting and loads more – 3rd to 11th July
  • Reading Community Carnival – procession with vehicles and floats – 31st May
  • Maidenhead carnival – side shows, live music, processions and more – 11th – 13th June
  • Brighton and Hove Pride – spectacular procession, cabaret, fairground etc – 7th August

If you fancy a few days away roughing it at a free festival, track down a generous camping discount code or two and kit your family out at a low cost. Try our Argos discount codes for a start and take it from there!

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