FREE dishwasher removal and recycling from Sainsbury’s

I bet you thought discount codes were just for buying stuff. As it turns out they cover more than that. Take our Sainsburys discount codes for a start, providing free dishwasher removal and recycling ’til 6th August. Great news if you’re too green to drive, too broke to pay someone else to dump your dishwasher or just don’t have the time to get it sorted.

Are you going to replace your old dishwasher with a new one? If so have you thought about returning to good old fashioned washing up instead? We had a dishwasher for years and the blasted thing drove me mad. It used loads of water, took an unacceptably long time to run its cycle, pack and unpack. We had to buy and use absolutely horrible chemicals, those ridiculous dishwasher tab things. It regularly got bunged up with grease and mould. And, tediously, it didn’t always clean the dishes properly on a single cycle. Stupid machine.

A week-long experiment not using the dratted thing turned out to be an eye opener. Washing up the traditional way, with a sink or bowl of hot bubbly water, took a fraction of the time it took to pack, wash stuff and unpack the dishwasher. Plain, ordinary washing up liquid doesn’t make your crockery feel weird and squeaky like dishwasher tablets do. It’s a surprisingly good way to chill out, gently working your way through a pile of dirty pots and pans and ending up with a fragrant heap of spotless stuff that steams itself dry, ready to put away. And it’s a really good way to keep your hands clean, especially when you’ve got a mucky job or you’re a keen gardener.

Is a dishwasher actually a false economy rather than a time and sanity-saving gadget? You won’t know ’til you try and live without it. Use our Sainsbury’s discount codes to ditch and recycle your old dishwasher. But leave it for a couple of weeks before you buy a replacement. You might find life is easier, more convenient, greener, more pleasant, less stressful and much less wasteful without one.