Free advice about wildlife in your garden

wildlife gardening services imageI signed up to the Wildlife Services website last year, mostly because I love the tone of voice Martin – the main man – uses in his communications. His emails are so friendly, full of interesting facts, and over the months they’ve been building up to create a wonderfully warm, intimate and detailed picture of the organisation and the people who live and work there.

It’s rare for me to look forward to getting emails. They’re usually just a pain in the ass full of hard sells and other nonsense. But Martin’s messages are a real pleasure to read.

The site is jam packed with good stuff, too. They provide wildlife-related products and services throughout the UK, selling everything from nesting boxes to binoculars, wildlife gardening equipment, books, DVDs and loads more.

The best thing, though, is the new Wildlife Gardening Group Martin is setting up. There’s nothing I like more than free information that’s genuinely useful, and this promises to be an excellent free resource for anyone who’s interested in encouraging wildlife into their garden.

Free Wildlife Gardening Group

The site itself offers free advice by ‘phone or email, worldwide deliveries, a sourcing service for items they don’t have in-store and a free booklet about 10 easy ways to make a wildlife garden… all with advice and support if you need it. And the Wildlife Gardening group, which is about to launch soon, offers even more:

  • Special website
  • Discussion forum
  • Wildlife blog
  • Regular emails
  • Monthly newsletter

The Newsletter will be sent out each month, containing details of what Martin and co. have been up to in each of the wildlife habitats they’re going to be creating. The first issue will contain a plan showing the various areas at the cottage (their premises) that’ll be getting attention. And they will be sending an updated plan whenever things change.

Everything you need to create a wildlife-friendly garden

There’s a vast collection of great value services and products on site, all with an educational and wildlife focus. Here are just a few of them:

  • books and equipment
  • plants and turf, including wildflower turf and native plants
  • children’s activities
  • composters and wormeries
  • ponds
  • animal deterrents
  • biodegradable turf pegs
  • green roofing
  • garden bridges
  • sculptures and statues
  • toys and gifts
  • GPS, bat detectors and bat boxes
  • bird box installation
  • botanical Surveys
  • Habitat creation and management
  • Badger fencing
  • Fish surveys, mink surveys, dormouse surveys etc
  • Pond construction and maintenance
  • Japanese Knotweed removal… guaranteed!
  • Ecological consultancy
  • wildlife trail cameras and bat boxes
  • beautiful wildlife and landscape prints

Fancy a look? Here’s a link to I highly recommend you sign up as a member of the Wildlife Gardening Group and the forum. I don’t think you’ll find better free wildlife gardening information, services, guidance and support anywhere else.