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Four shopping days to Christmas… Your 10 point high street survival guide!

You’ve left things to the last minute this year. You’re probably too late to buy Christmas stuff online unless they can absolutely guarantee delivery by Saturday. Which can only mean one thing: you’re fated to hit the high street for your last few bits and bobs.

As you can imagine it’s manic out there. And it’s a dangerous time if you’re hell bent of saving money, determined to stick to a strict seasonal budget. Here’s nine top tips for shopping sensibly and sanely on the high street at the busiest time of year.

  1. collaborate with your family, make a detailed shopping list of what you need, no more and no less, and stick to it
  2. take the bus so you don’t have to pay sky-high parking charges
  3. plan a circular route round town, tackling the whole thing like a military campaign
  4. keep your head while all around you people are losing theirs, grabbing for goods and fighting over last minute gifts
  5. go out as early as you can to beat the worst of the rush
  6. go slow and steady. Keep calm and carry on!
  7. avoid shopping at lunchtime, when it’s the busiest, if humanly possible
  8. get cash out the day before and  leave your cards at home so you can’t over-spend or make crazy impulse buys 
  9. if you’re tempted to do something rash, make yourself count to ten, back away from the shop and go for a cuppa. You probably won’t be so mad keen to buy extra stuff once you’ve calmed down a bit
  10. award yourself a long, cold drink for good behaviour when you get home!     

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