Data Compression App Reduces iPhone Bill

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Last week we took a look at how iPhones and iPads can be smart buys for the frugal consumer. However, if you frequently go over your data cap with your iPhone then you can easily find yourself wasting a lot of money. That’s why it’s exciting to see an app designed to combat this problem so that the iPhone bill never exceeds what you expect it to cost each month.

The app is called Onavo. It takes the creative approach of compressing your data before you get charged for it. This means that each time you use your iPhone the data is compressed to a smaller usage amount, allowing you to use your phone much more than in the past. You can increase your usage without exceeding your data cap.

There are two key ways that people tend to overpay for their monthly mobile phone costs:

  1. Exceeding their data plan
  2. Buying a data plan higher than they need because they are afraid of exceeding their data plan

This new app has the potential to allow iPhone users to avoid these costly problems.

The one downside is that the compression tool doesn’t currently work for Skype calls or YouTube videos so it won’t help you get more data use out of those phone activities. It will, however, allow you more web browsing time for checking email, updating your Facebook status and surfing the Internet.

Of course, you do still need to track your data usage throughout the month to make sure that you’re not getting so excited about your new data options that you still go over your cap! But this app should allow you to easily stay within your allowed data amount.