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Create lasting memories with Truprint discount codes

Digital cameras are brilliant. You can send images by email or phone, share them, post them online… the only thing you can’t do is enjoy them in ‘real life’. They’re virtual.

Why does it matter? Because looking at photos of good times with the people you love makes you feel great. In fact research shows that couples who regularly enjoy their photos together, re-living the high points in their relationship, are more likely to stay together. Photos are much more than just images. They act like relationship ‘glue’. How cool is that!

So it’s good to know that our Truprint discount codes let you bring your photos to life with a huge range of exciting printed stuff, from mugs and plates to calendars, cards and much more. 

There’s 50% off selected photo calendars until 31st January 2011, great fun for creating a family calendar, a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that lasts the whole year round or even a giveaway promotional calendar for your small business. 

We’re also offering 30% off card orders until 7th February, the week before Valentine’s Day. If you can’t face fighting the crowds in town do it online instead and create a unique, thoughtful card for the one you love.

We’ve also got Moonpig discount codes so you can create your own cards – for any occasion – from a vast choice of templates, from funny to simply stunning, at a lovely low cost! 

Published January 21, 2011 & Filed in Discount Coder Chat

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