Congratulations to us… and thanks to all our discount code fans!


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By on August 22, 2013Discounts & Tips

Here’s me opening up our blog to write today’s post and, out of the blue, I notice we’re the proud owner of an impressive 1,000 money saving posts. That’s at least a thousand tips, hints and ideas about shaving generous slices off the everyday cost of living.

In the years we’ve been online we have helped literally thousands of people save money, spend less, make do and mend and create beautiful, imaginative home-made stuff for their homes and gardens.

We’ve consistently busted the myth of expensive yet useless items like anti-ageing creams, conditioners and other cosmetics whose manufacturers make wild, inaccurate claims… in other words, tell massive porkies to lure an unsuspecting public into shelling out unnecessary amounts of cash.

We’ve shown our readers how to save money on energy on a room-by-room basis. And provided bucketfuls of mini-money saving tips, all of which add up to serious savings well worth having.

We’ve suggested you forget Christmas completely if you don’t enjoy it, and go your own sweet way.  We’ve provided information about all manner of bargains including cheap entertainment, economical driving, Britain’s cheapest cars, tasty easy-to-make meals for next to nothing, how to avoid kids’ pester power and effective ways to curb impulse buying.

You name it, we’ve covered it.

So, at this stage, we’d like to offer a genuine thank you to everyone who reads our blog and everyone who uses our discount codes to save cash. And, of course, many thanks to the excellent brands who provide the discount codes in the first place. You’re great, you are. Thank you so much for your time, trust, dedication and generosity.

Here’s to the next 1000 posts. Together we can save a fortune. Let’s do it!

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