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Last night we had a gorgeous, balmy evening down on the south coast. But by six o’ clock the shadows were lengthening, and by seven the dew was beginning to form on our lawn – a sure sign that autumn is on the way.

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend as much of the summer as possible outdoors, and your focus won’t return back inside the home until the nights get darker. At which point you suddenly notice a load of things that need repairing, touching up, re-doing and replacing. Including furniture.

Need new indoor furniture this season? There are several options:

  • buy vintage and enjoy the growing trend for re-using and recycling old furniture. For example you can pick up a genuine 1970s leather Chesterfield settee for a few hundred quid instead of buying a cheap new one. They were built to last back then, when leather furniture was a serious luxury, and they come complete with bags of personality. Or buy tatty old stuff for next to nothing and ‘distress’ it for a funky shabby chic look – I’ve covered how to do it before in our blog. If you’re buying for kids, you may as well buy second hand – it doesn’t matter so much when it gets trashed!
  • ask around friends, family and colleagues to see if anyone is getting rid of a piece of furniture you can give a good home to, or visit your local furniture recycling depot for a rummage
  • scour Friday Ad and other classifieds sites like Gumtree and Freecycle for unwanted gems, often available locally and costing next to nothing… or nothing!
  • use our generous Argos discount codes to pick up excellent value, great looking new indoor furniture

Our latest Argos discount codes

  1. £20 off when you spend £150 on indoor furniture – valid until the end of the day today
  2. £50 off when you spend £250 on indoor furniture, ends Tuesday 4th September
  3. £100 off when you spend £500 on indoor furniture, also available until the end of the day today

Pimp your new furniture!

Just because it’s new, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it…

I saw a stunning new chest of drawers in a shop window in Lewes a few weeks ago, which some clever person had painted with cream eggshell paint, sanded and subtly distressed then glued on gorgeous matt paper butterflies cut from posh wrapping paper.

I’ve seen the gift wrap in the shops, so I could see exactly what they’d done: cut out a load of butterflies, glued them on with PVA and sealed the lot with a coat of matt varnish. You can also get glorious thick cream gift wrap printed with luscious botanical illustrations of exotic birds, which would also look amazing.

(Thanks to for the lovely free image)

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