Christmas post 8 – Making the most of discount vouchers and offers

20% off voucher imagePeople will be out and about buying Christmas gifts right up until the end of the day on Christmas Eve. Obviously you have less time left to buy online because of deliveries, but there are a few days left for online shopping, although you need to check delivery dates to make sure your stuff will arrive in time.

Luckily, wherever you buy your Xmas gifts you can take advantage of vouchers and offers, coupons and discount codes. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Making the most of money-off offers for Xmas

Money Saving Expert Xmas offers

The Money Saving Expert site, as always, features a host of special Xmas offers

Lost and forgotten vouchers?

The Gift Cards & Vouchers Association claim 6% of UK gift vouchers go unspent, which means a whopping £240 million a year is wasted. Ow! Do you have any waiting to be spent? If so, why not use them to cut the cost of Christmas gifts?

Reward points on credit cards and loyalty cards

Now’s the time to use up your loyalty card points, whether it’s a supermarket card or a high street shop card. Just bear in mind you often get more to spend if you translate you points into vouchers instead of spending them at the till.

Collect even more points at Xmas

Many retailers run special offers at this time of year so you can bump up the points on your loyalty card. Just remember you need to spend money to make money, so it isn’t always as good an idea as it seems!

Clip those vouchers!

If you’ve never bothered to clip money-off vouchers from newspapers and magazines, why not give it a go? You can save an impressive amount of cash at the till by becoming a voucher fiend.

Be a supermarket tart

I’ve mentioned this before, but if you sign up for four different online supermarket accounts and rotate them, they’ll send you loads more special offers than if you stick with just the one. You won’t get as many loyalty points but with offers like £10 off your weekly shop, it’s usually worth it.

Online clearance outlets

Online clearance stores are a brilliant way to get designer stuff at rock bottom prices.

Follow big name stores on Twitter

It’s worth following household name high street shops like Debenhams on Twitter, where they announce special on and offline deals and flash sales.

Discount code frenzy!

Online discount codes can save you £££££££s on everyday stuff, and Xmas is a particularly good time of year to use them, with loads of seasonal offers available.

Claim cashback for online shopping

Did you know you can earn cash from online purchases? Special cashback websites like and, via which you can shop at high street and online retailers, give a % cashback and pay it into your account. Result!