Cheap wedding rings without sacrificing quality

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You don’t want to scrimp on quality. But you don’t have a huge budget. It’s a familiar story when you’re looking for wedding and engagement rings, especially with the price of gold sky high. Luckily there are some brilliant bargains out there… when you know where to look.

The thing is, you need to feel you can trust the people you’re buying from, especially when you’re shopping for great value wedding rings, eternity and diamond rings online. It’s perfectly possible to create synthetic diamonds, which look exactly the same as natural diamonds, and the last thing you want is to buy a ‘blood diamond’ or ‘conflict diamond’  without realising it, mined in a war zone to fund wars against legitimate governments. And you don’t want to be ripped off with a poor quality stone.

Luckily I have a recommendation for you. If you’re looking for cheap wedding rings James and his staff at  are really nice people, based in Worthing on the south coast. They sell a huge range of stunning white gold, platinum, palladium and gold wedding rings, eternity rings, engagement rings, earrings and pendants, all with a considerable bling factor plus fair prices it’s very hard to argue with.

I know and trust James, and the firm is named after his sweet little baby daughter Orla, which makes buying from them extra-nice and personal. Better still, it’s their aim to be ‘with you for life’, providing rings and associated services for all your special occasions, whether it’s an engagement, a diamond wedding anniversary or you just want to buy a gorgeous ring to say “I love you”.

Cheap wedding rings plus genuinely excellent service

Here are some of the things James and the team offer:

  • free ring sizer so you know you’re buying the right size
  • free sample ring service to double check you’ve chosen the right size
  • online ring size chart for UK, Europe, Astralia, the USA, Canada and so on – because every country’s ring size system is slightly different
  • free engraving
  • free polishing
  • free re-sizing
  • design your own ring if you like

Are you proposing this Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air. If you’ve decided to propose on the big day, why not buy your rings from Orla James?