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Car Audio Centre discount codes for Easter in-car entertainment

How’s your in-car sounds?  Music while you drive is essential for many people, especially on long journeys. If your equipment is letting you down, there’s plenty of opportunity to cut the cost of buying new gear with our Car Audio Centre discount codes. Here’s just a few of the brilliant gadgets you’ll find on site:

  • car stereos and in-car AV entertainment – great for keeping the kids quiet and happy
  • specially designed in-car iPod and MP3 Player solutions with safety and practicality in mind
  • Bluetooth and other hands free kits
  • CD and DVD changers and car amplifiers
  • massive sub-woofers and speakers – pimp your ride!
  • sub and box packages
  • DAB digital radio for cars

Right now the In Phase IPS520MP CD/MP3 player is down from £99.99 to £49.99. The In Phase DVD players and head rest set is down from £599 to £299. And the Alpine MRP-M352 Digital Mono Power Amp is down from £129.99 to £84.99… a bargain or what!

Your end of  the deal? Make sure your new gadget doesn’t distract you from the vital task of driving your vehicle safely. In car entertainment is great stuff but it’s worthy of a great deal of wariness and respect. And music ain’t worth dying for!  


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