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Can You Afford to Eat Gold?


World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar

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From Goldschlager to gold chocolate bars there are numerous different ways that you can consume edible gold. But can you afford to taste this gourmet luxury as someone who is trying to live a frugal life? The answer is yes, if you are smart about it.

Here are some tips for enjoying the experience of eating gold without spending a fortune:

  • Explore the rainbow of edible gold options. Some types of edible gold are very expensive. For example, the Wispa Gold chocolate bar was a one-of-a-kind treat priced at £961.48. On the other hand, there are much more affordable edible gold options including the Golden Sprinkles that British food celebrity Laura Santtini sells through Selfridges
  • Work it into your budget. The key to living frugally is to make sure that you properly budget your money. Whether you work your gold treat into your food budget or some other area of your living expenses make sure that you’ve set aside the funds for it before you go shopping.
  • Split the purchase with others. Most people don’t want to eat gold because it tastes great; they want to eat it for the experience of having tried it. That’s why a little bit goes a long way. Get a group of friends and family together to split the cost of indulging in a gold treat. For example, go in together on a purchase of gold powder or edible gold food spray and share it at a meal in your home.

Living frugally doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy unique indulgences like trying out edible gold. It merely means that you must be smart about the choices you make when doing so!

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