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An easier way to make £25k

Thinking of setting up a small business? Want to make extra cash? Think you can make money on the internet? Here’s a reall….read more

Make money by taking online surveys – Your opinion is valued!

Manufacturers, service providers and retailers spend a great deal of time and money on stuff like NPD (new product develop….read more

Save money on cool stuff for your furry friends with pets discount codes

We’ve just got a new kitten, Dave. Our two older cats are more interested in sleeping than playing these days but Dave, at….read more

Britain’s going jam, chutney, conserve, honey, curd and preserve crazy!

I went on Facebook at the weekend to find five of my friends have suddenly started making jam. One, Greg is a large, noisy….read more

FREE activities with the kids this weekend

How are you managing the summer holidays so far? If you’re stuck for something to do this weekend there’s bound to be a vi….read more

More about making money from competitions

There’s literally hundreds of websites dedicated to collating competitions in one place. Just type ‘competitions UK’ into Google. But there’s also rea….read more

More money making ideas for the summer

My cousin Nicki wins stuff all the time. She’s done it all her life. She’s won cookers and cars, family holidays in Florid….read more

A veritable alphabet of lifestyle discount codes!

Summer, for many of us, is the time we kick back, take time off and re-arrange the bits of our lives we’re not keen on. It….read more

Get rid of unwanted household stuff without going to the tip

Holding a garage sale is one way to get rid of unwanted household stuff. But there’s an easier way. While it won’t earn yo….read more

Make extra cash holding a US-style garage sale

You’ve got loads of unwanted stuff in the house you could sell. And you can’t be bothered faffing around photographing thi….read more

Save large amounts of money leasing your next car

Most people already know that businesses tend to lease rather than buy company cars. But did you know you can lease a car ….read more

Expiring discount codes for excellent last minute bargains

How about taking advantage of  some of today’s superb expiring discount codes before it’s too late? Here’s a list of some ….read more

Summer money making series – 6 top tips to Ebay success

Seasoned Ebayers know their stuff. A great many people make a very nice living out of online auctions. But how do they do it? Here’s a bunch of handy ….read more

A month of top money making tips… and stuff for the kids!

Making money is the flip side of the money-saving coin. When you’re saving money at one end and making it at the other end….read more

FREE dishwasher removal and recycling from Sainsbury’s

I bet you thought discount codes were just for buying stuff. As it turns out they cover more than that. Take our Sainsbury….read more

Save money on train fares for cheaper, greener adventures!

When was the last time you went somewhere by train? I’m a regular user. An ex-Brighton to London commuter, I’ve also commu….read more

Last minute holiday bookings = bargain basement prices

If you haven’t booked your holidays yet you’re probably one of those people who likes leaving things to the last minute. W….read more

Save money on fashion beach wear… weather permitting!

Well, the weather’s not looking too hot even though the school holidays have kicked off – usually a sign for things to get….read more

The £100 wedding – Save money on the best day of your life

With weddings costing anywhere from £5,000 to £50,000 it’s no surprise that, while a high proportion of co-habiting couple….read more

Teddy bears discount codes for cut price furry friends

In 1902 Teddy Roosevelt, the much-loved US president of the time, ordered the mercy killing of a young wounded bear. Ther ….read more

Small business? Top 10 tips for increasing % response and conversion

The flip side of the money saving coin is making more money in the first place. If your small business operates online the….read more

Car Gap insurance – Save money by NOT losing money!

What is car gap insurance? If things go horribly wrong and your car is declared a total  loss, it pays out the difference ….read more

Litigation increases insurance premiums and Council Tax

The last decade has seen us turning into an increasingly litigious society. Not as bad as the USA, but we’re on the same t….read more

Cash for Gold and loads more useful finance discount codes

There’s no need to pay full whack for financial products and services these days. On our site alone there’s more than eigh….read more

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