B and Q discount codes for cheaper DIY projects

It was light ’til half five last night. Heavenly! The only things is, the brighter weather doesn’t half show up the grubby bits in your home. After a winter’s worth of staying in, cuddling up and keeping warm, many people’s interior decor goes completely to pot. And it’s always nice to have a fresh start for spring. If your home’s looking less than its best or you just fancy a change for spring 2012, you can’t go far wrong with our B&Q discount codes.

Call me sad. But I could happily spend all day in B&Q rummaging around in their tools department, marvelling at gorgeous door and cupboard handles, enjoying flicking through their fabulous wallpaper and flooring sections, bathrooms, wood and paint.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, a few pots of fresh paint won’t break the bank. What’s hot on the interior decor fashion front this year? Apparently it’s all about vivid colors, unusual combinations and dramatic contrasts, striking out and embracing colour combinations we wouldn’t usually put together. All of which sounds like great fun!

If you’re scared of making a mess of it and creating a multi-coloured disaster, fear not. You can buy tester samples of paint to have a go with first. Perhaps you have very little confidence in your colour sense. Unless you’re artistic, it can seem a challenge. Invest in a couple of glossy interiors magazines for inspiration and copy a colour scheme you like. Choose two colours, for example a deep burnt orange and a light, bright orange, so you stay within one colour ‘family’ and avoid clashes. Or just go for one coloured wall and paint the other three cream, or a buttery pale yellow, or beautiful, pure white.

Maybe your paintwork is fine, but your shower is on its last legs. You might need a new, energy efficient fire. New blinds or fresh soft furnishings. Whatever you fancy, B&Q is always great value for money and their helpful staff make the whole DIY process a pleasure.

Here’s three of our current B&Q discount codes. Have fun!

  • save 15% on all fires until the end of the day today
  • get half price on Triton and Mira showers ’til 8th March
  • save 25% on soft furnishings and blinds until 29th Feb