Another look at online ‘get rich quick’ schemes

Another look at online ‘get rich quick’ schemes

It’s surprising there are still so many ‘get rich quick’ sites online when it’s actually really difficult to make a fortune on the internet. One of the most common is the ‘make £15,000 a month’ type schemes, some of which claim you can make a lot more than that! But do they really work?

The worst of these schemes involve thinly-disguised pyramid selling. This is how they work:

  • you find a website that’s usually just one long page, with masses of hard sell copy, telling you how a person makes £xxxx a month and showing photos of them outside their mansion/sitting on a Caribbean beach/driving a smart car
  • you buy the DVD and the rights to sell it, which costs anywhere from £40 upwards, often a lot more, but never so much that people who respond to the offer are motivated to complain or take legal action
  • you set up your own site, also with masses of hard sell copy, to sell the same DVD to a load more people, each of whom does exactly the same thing: they set up a website to sell the DVD… and so on

Of course it’s possible to make money selling these DVDs. There are always people who are desperate to make a fast buck. But to hit thousands of pounds a month you need to work extremely hard as well as being a genuine online marketing and search engine optimisation expert. It isn’t anywhere near as easy as they claim. I can say that with authority, with twenty years’ direct marketing experience behind me and a partner who is an SEO and online marketing expert.

Other sites claim you can make a load of cash by monetising your blog, or including Bing or Google AdSense adverts (AKA Pay Per Click) on your website. If you’ve tried either of these and expected large amounts of cash to flow your way, you’ll already know it’s rubbish!

As a general rule it’s best to accept that making your fortune easily online is a fantasy. My bloke has been experimenting with money making schemes for at least five years just to see whether they’re winners but, despite all his expertise, we’re still waiting for lady luck to strike. So don’t waste your time or money on get rich quick schemes… they really don’t work. After all, if it was that easy we’d all be doing it!

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