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A gift box prevents last minute panics on birthdays and special occasions

There’s nothing worse than the sudden, awful realisation that you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday and there’s no time to buy a gift. All to often you end up spending a bomb because there’s no choice. Or buying something that’s quite frankly a bit crap! The best way to avoid last minute gift nightmares and save money is to set up a present box.

Your first task is to make a list of everyone’s birthdays you can think of so you don’t get caught out. Then find a sturdy box and store it somewhere it’s easy to access. Every time you see something you know someone special would like, buy it and stash it in the box.

If you have kids it’s also a good idea to buy random gifts whenever you see a bargain. That way you’re prepared for your children coming home with unexpected birthday party invitations, requests for a gift for their teacher and so on.

Don’t forget to include wrapping paper, scissors, gift ribbon, greetings cards and tags, stamps, parcel tape, brown paper, pens and jiffy bags in your box too, so you’re never caught short. And don’t forget to check your birthday list at the beginning of every month and note whose birthdays are coming up.

A present box is also really useful when you’re invited to a dinner party. Stash a few bottles of wine and you’ll never be short of a bottle to take along, or a little gift for the host or hostess.

Last but not least – and I hate to use the C word at this time of year – there’s Christmas. Buy gifts throughout the year and you’ll avoid the price hikes the season of retail madness always brings as well as being well prepared and calm about the whole ridiculous kit ‘n’ caboodle!

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