6 more super-simple recipes for Christmas leftovers

Here are some more recipes for using up leftover Christmas goodies!

Creamy turkey and leek pasta

  • cut your leftover turkey into cubes or tear it into strips
  • bung some cream in a pan and add mixed herbs and seasoning
  • steam a load of chopped leeks
  • add the leeks and turkey to the cream mix
  • heat and add pasta. Yum!

Fried turkey, egg and chips

  • cut or tear leftover turkey into strips
  • fry it in a wok or pan with some salt and pepper ’til the outside goes crisp and brown
  • fry a couple of eggs in the same oil
  • serve with chips for a fry-up with a difference

Turkey, cheese and mayo butties

  • cut up leftover turkey into small pieces
  • grate some cheese
  • mix them with mayonnaise
  • voila… delicious butties!
  • you can also make turkey and cheese toasties, covering slices of turkey with grated cheese. Add a sprinkling of celery salt for extra oomph

Cake trifle and biscuit cheesecake bases

  • leftover Christmas cake, chocolate cake or any old cake? Use it as the basis of a trifle. Mix different cake types together if you like… the more, the merrier
  • leftover biscuits that have gone soft? Crumble them up and use them as a base for a cheesecake

Turkey and tuna mayonnaise salad

  • it might sound weird but apparently Italians love it… team leftover turkey with tuna mayo for top salads and tasty butties

Turkey, cheese and vegetable quiche

  • hurl your leftovers into a bog-standard quiche mix ( 5 beaten eggs plus 200ml cream)
  • make a quiche base with ready-made pastry
  • bake and serve your quiche piping hot or refreshingly cool with salad or chips