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£50 off all Smooth Skin orders with our Boots discount codes…

Were you out and about at the weekend? If so you might have caught the sun. I came in from the garden and washed my face a couple of times before I realised it wasn’t dirt… just more freckles! Which reminded me it’s high time to look after my skin properly and buy new sun block before the hot weather really sets in.

First, Smooth Skin products from Boots are the perfect way to buff up dull, tired winter skin and make yourself glow. There’s £50 off all Smooth Skin products with our Boots discount codes ’til May. Plus a whole load more superb discounts, special offers and free gifts on the Boots site.

Next, I’m off to buy sun cream. Skin cancer is increasing in the UK. It’s becoming a real problem. A mate of mine had several dodgy moles removed from her face last summer. She’s only forty five. And a good old friend died from skin cancer at thirty three a couple of years ago. That’s enough to send me screaming to my nearest chemist for factor ten million sun block or whatever. Hopefully it’ll be enough for you too. It’s so not worth the risk.

If you can’t bear not to look orange there’s plenty of really good self-tanning creams and sprays available too. Here’s a few more discount codes you might find useful for saving your skin – and potentially your life – this summer. Otherwise remain pale and interesting this season. You won’t be alone!

  • The Chemist discount codes*
  • Beauty Spot Cosmetics discount codes*
  • Salon Skincare discount codes*

*link removed due to page removal

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