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50 Money-Saving Phone Apps for UK Consumers

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We recently looked at how iPhones can be frugal. In fact, any smartphone can assist you in living a budget-conscious, money-saving lifestyle. The key is to take advantage of the many apps that are available to assist you in saving money. These apps include apps to find the cheapest petrol, money management apps and shopping comparison apps.

Here are 50 money-saving apps that are useful to people who live in the UK:

  1. Pageonce. Use this app to track all of your money, make sure that you never pay bills late and even monitor accounts like Amazon.
  2. Theatre Billboard. “An app that searches major vendors to find the cheapest theatre tickets for shows in London and across the country.” (see review
  3. The TV Energy Labels app. We recently wrote about how the new TV energy labels will help you save money when you choose a new TV. This app does the same thing.
  4. Mobile Money. RBS, Natwest, Ulster Bank, First Direct, Lloyds TSB and HSBC customers can use this app to keep track of their accounts. Always know where your money is!
  5. PetrolPrices Pro.Petrol prices keep on climbing but this app can assist you in finding the lowest prices in your area.
  6. AA Fuel Prices. This app provides you with the top five cheapest petrol prices close to where you are located.
  7. The Green Meter. This iPhone app provides you real time feedback on your car’s fuel use and how to get more for your money in the car.
  8. MoneySuperMarket app. This app helps you find discounts on numerous items in the area near you. It’s basically a mobile vouchers app.
  9. First Direct Banking App. If you are a First Direct customer then you can use this app to do mobile banking. It is the first transactional mobile banking app offered in the UK.
  10. ATM Hunter. Use this app to find the closest fee-free ATM near you.
  11. 0870. Use the app to find cheaper alternatives to the costly 0870 numbers that you sometimes need to call.
  12. Moneydance. Use this app for ultimate money management.
  13. Spendometer. Use this app to track your spending throughout the day, an important aspect of budgeting your money.
  14. Account Tracker. This is another option for people who want to track their daily spending.
  15. Light Bulb Finder App. This app helps you to better understand the different types of energy-efficient light bulbs so that you can select the ones for your home that will save you the most money on energy bills.
  16. The Green Outlet. This app helps you understand how much your appliances cost you in terms of energy use so that you can make smart energy-saving money-saving choices at home.
  17. Kill-o-Watts. This app is a money-saving alternative to The Green Outlet app. See which one you like better to save the most money on appliance use at home.
  18. Tesco Clubcard App. The Tesco Clubcard can help save you money if you are a Tesco shopper. The app makes sure that you always have the card with you on your phone.
  19. Tesco Finder. This app helps you find any Tesco item in any UK store and tells you exactly where it is so that you can save time when shopping. For many people, time is money!
  20. ShopGreen App. This eco-friendly app is designed to reward you if you are someone who “shops green” by offering discounts and deals on purchases that should interest you.
  21. Skype. Talking through Skype is one of the best ways to reduce your mobile phone calling costs.
  22. Google Voice. This is a great alternative to Skype that can also help you save money when making calls.
  23. Jelly SMS. Use this app to send free text messages. This will save you money if you don’t have unlimited texts in your mobile plan.
  24. Rebtel. This app assigns a local phone number to international numbers to keep your phone costs low.
  25. Groupon. Are you a fan of Groupon? Use its app to get your deals on your phone.
  26. Big Oven. Use this app to create a recipe using the ingredients you already have so that you don’t have to waste money on getting more food.
  27. CookIt. This Android app is an alternative to Big Oven that works in a similar way to save you money on food costs.
  28. Toptable. Use this app when you want to dine out. It finds deals at restaurants and pubs near you.
  29. Tip n Split. This app helps you calculate the proper tip and spending portions for each person who has shared a group meal when dining out.
  30. British Gas Meter Read. British Gas customers can help control and reduce their bills with this app.
  31. The Meter Readings. Use this app in the UK to monitor your home energy bill and even find a lower cost energy provider in your area.
  32. My Energy Tips. This app provides you with a lot of great information about how to save energy costs around the home regardless of which provider you use.
  33. AlertMe Energy App. This app allows you to see average energy use in your area and to compare it to other areas throughout the UK. Saving energy will save you money!
  34. Find Free Parking.The name of this app says it all!
  35. Ringo Car Parking App. This app helps you find the best price on parking. It also allows you to extend the time on the meter so you don’t get fined if you will be late getting back to the car.
  36. Red Laser. This barcode app is one of the most popular money-saving apps among people who like to do comparison shopping to get the best price.
  37. Pricecheckah. This is another barcode app that provides on-the-spot price comparisons for savvy shoppers.
  38. Vouchercloud. This app finds the best voucher codes, mobile vouchers and printable vouchers for deals in the area where you are shopping.
  39. Trivago Hotel Search. Compare prices on hotels throughout Europe to get the best deal when traveling.
  40. Hotels.com app. This app is a nice alternative to Trivago. Use them both to make sure that you are getting the best hotel price.
  41. iRooms@LateRooms. This is another hotel app that is specifically designed to save you money on last minute hotel bookings.
  42. Direct Debit Control Centre. Use this app to keep track of all of your direct debits so that you don’t exceed your budget when spending money on debit.
  43. Simply Stockbroking. “This lets you buy and sell shares from your phone. Get a real-time price and top-up your ISA.” (source
  44. Shareprice. “Track your investments with free real-time streaming Level 1 British share prices, delivered by the team at Interactive Investor.” (source)
  45. BenPal’s Pension Modeller.Walletpop says that this is a good app for handling your pension on your mobile phone.
  46. Fidelity. Use this free app to find price and performance information on Fidelity funds.
  47. Onavo. We recently reviewed this data compression app that allows you to use more data on your phone without exceeding the max allowed under your mobile phone plan.
  48. WiFiZone@UK. This app will help you find free WiFi throughout the UK. Why pay for an Internet connection?
  49. Rightmove. Are you looking to move to a new home in the UK? This is a good app to compare real estate prices.
  50. Moneysaving Tips. Receive regular tips on how you can save even more money!

What is your favorite money-saving app?

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