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5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Media

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We consume a lot of media today. Media sources that each of us use regularly include the Internet, television, newspapers, magazines, mobile websites and books. Because these things are all part of a normal day we sometimes forget that each of them is actually costing money. If we streamline and narrow down our media sources we can save a bundle.

Here are five tips for saving money on your media consumption:

  1. Limit your media sources. We don’t actually need an iPod, and iPad, an smartphone, a computer, a TV with Internet and broadband subscription, etc. Your media is available everywhere. Reduce the number of gadgets that you own.
  2. Bundle services on what you do keep. The Telegraph recently recommended saving money by bundling your TV, broadband and phone. When you pay for these items together through a package instead of separately from various providers you reduce the costs immensely, sometimes cutting them in half.
  3. Get digital magazine subscriptions. Whether you get them online or on another device they are typically cheaper than paper copies. This is greener than getting paper magazines anyway! And always get subscriptions instead of paying the pricey per-piece fee at a checkout counter.
  4. Read books for free. Go to the library to get your books for free. Go sit in bookstores and read the best-selling books while you’re sitting there. Swap books with other people through sites like Read It Swap It. In other words, stop paying for books. They’re a great source of media but you don’t have to pay for them. Oh, and sell your eReader. If you must read books digitally then do it through a multipurpose gadget like your mobile phone or PC.
  5. Use discount codes for all media purchases. When it does come time to buy a new media tool (a mobile phone, a new TV, whatever it may be) you should always look for a discount code to get the best price on your purchase.

What is your favorite source of media? How can you save money on it? Share some thoughts in the comments to generate a great money saving conversation!

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