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5 People Who Can Teach You About Extreme Minimalism

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There are many different ways to live frugally. One approach is minimalism. This is a simple living style in which you elect to reduce your dependence on consumer items. The goal isn’t just to save money but it does have that impact as a byproduct of the lifestyle. The fewer things you own, the fewer things you buy, the less money you spend.Does this approach to saving money interest you? Here are five folks that embody extreme minimalism in their lives. Learning about their choices may help you reduce consumerism in your own life:

  1. Andrew Hyde. This man sold almost everything that he owned and now lives with approximately fifteen items. Yes, in total. He is a couchsurfer who doesn’t own a home so his lifestyle may be a bit extreme for you but you can still sure learn a lot from it.
  2. Kelly Sutton. This guy is similar to Andrew Hyde but puts his own twist on minimalism by continuing to sell off more and more of what he owns. He keeps a running tab of items owned and sold on his blog, Cult of Less
  3. Leo Babuta. If you are already interested in Simple Living then you may be following this guy’s well known blog called Zen Habits. If you really want to learn more about his belief in minimalism, however, then you should check out his other blog: mnmlist. Even the design of the blog itself is minimal.
  4. Zaarath and Christopher Prokop. This couple has been profiled numerous times over the years because of the fact that they choose to live together in a tiny, tiny apartment that is only about 175 square feet in size. You can’t own much in a space that small!
  5. Sheena Matheiken. This woman taught the world about minimalist fashion when she launched The Uniform Project, pledging to wear the same dress every day for a year but always in a fresh and creative way.

What is the most extreme act of minimalism that you can commit to today? Share your answer in the comments!

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