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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Magazines

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Print magazines are rapidly falling out of favor. They are expensive to produce and therefore expensive to purchase. With so many similar articles available online it’s easy to get free or cheap content in place of purchasing print magazines. But what if you are one of those old-fashioned people who really enjoys flipping through the pages of a physical magazine? You can still get many magazines in print.

Here are five ways to reduce the cost of buying print magazines:

  1. Subscribe to your favorite magazines. The subscription cost for a year’s worth of magazines is considerably cheaper than the cost of buying all of those issues at the newsstand. If you are a frequent magazine buyer then make sure you get an annual subscription.
  2. Use credit card rewards to buy magazine subscriptions. A rewards credit card will provide you with points that you can spend on items and oftentimes one of your options is to use the points for magazine subscriptions. This means that you don’t pay cash for the subscription. Oftentimes these subscriptions are offered at great discount rates or you can get additional bonus points for purchasing the subscription through your credit card.
  3. Swap magazines with a friend each month. Do you have a friend who likes the same magazines as you do? You can get twice the magazines for the same price by each getting subscriptions to different magazines and then swapping with each other when you’re done reading what you got in the mail.
  4. Re-sell your magazines. Re-coup some of your costs by selling your magazine issues at a discount through a site like eBay. This isn’t easy to do but if you’re diligent and offer fair prices then it can be done.
  5. Go to the library. You can read magazines for free at the local library. What a great way to enjoy the content you love without spending any money at all!

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