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30 cool books and magazines discount codes

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend your life carting at least one book around with you wherever you go. I don’t care what happens to me while I’m out and about… as long as I’ve got a book handy, I’ll be OK. In fact I usually carry two to be on the safe side.

The thought of being stuck somewhere with nothing to read doesn’t bear thinking about. If I ever forget and leave home without a book, I have to go back and pick it up before continuing my journey. Lateness be damned!

Which is why I appreciate our books discount codes to much.

Books aint’ cheap, especially when you devour at least three a week. Which is fair enough. As a copywriter I know how tough the creative process can be. And rising paper prices means printing stuff is getting more expensive too.

Of course, you could always pop along to Amazon Marketplace and get second hand books for as little as a penny each plus P&P. Or your local charity shop, where they tend to cost between 50p and £3. But if you simply cannot resist the smell, look and feel of a spotlessly new, crisp, virgin volume (aah, the smell of a new book!), our books discount codes will help save your pocket from pain.

In fact we have almost thirty book and magazine discount codes on site right now. Useful with the holiday season looming, beaches beckoning and long haul flights on the menu – which for many of us are completely unbearable with out at least one wonderfully fat novel  to take the edge off the boredom, drunk people and screaming kids.

Here’s just five…

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