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3 Money Saving Eco-Friendly Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters

Plarn handbag by hburdette on Etsy

There has been a recent resurgence in making your own clothing, accessories, toys and home decor items. Knitting and crocheting are both gaining in popularity again because of this trend. You can easily save a lot of money by making these types of items instead of buying them at the store. However, as any knitter or crocheter knows, you can also easily spend far too much money on luxury yarns that reduce the value of making items yourself.

Here are three frugal tips for people who enjoying making their own knit and crochet items:

  1. Use reclaimed yarn. This means that you take apart a knit or crochet item to reclaim the yarn and use it to make something new. You can easily find very cheap yarn items at thrift stores and yard sales, which you can then disassemble to harvest your own yarn. You can then use this cheap yarn to make fresh new designs for yourself or your home.
  2. Turn old t-shirts into yarn. In addition to recycling yarn items to reclaim the yarn you can also recycle old t-shirts and make yarn out of them. Learn more about T-shirt yarn (also called tarn) from My Recycled Bags. We all have old T-shirts that could use a new life so this is a great option for knitters and crocheters to try.
  3. Try plarn! One really popular craft right now is to take plastic bags and turn them into a type of eco-yarn, which you can then use for crocheting or knitting. Most people make earth-friendly bags and accessories with plarn

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