£25 free petrol voucher for new RAC breakdown cover customers

Sometimes it’s a false economy NOT to spend money, and breakdown cover is a good example. If you’ve ever sat in a cold, dead car by the side of the road in the pitch black while the rain tanks down outside, you’ll know that breakdown protection is well worth the money. Especially when it costs next to nothing in the first place. Towing a broken down car can cost a scary amount of money if you have to find and call a local garage when you’re in the middle of nowhere, and they’ve got you by the short and curlies.

With the price of fuel as painfully high as it is right now, every little helps on that front, too. £25 worth of free petrol is well worth having!

We’ve negotiated a couple of excellent RAC discount codes on board now for a limited time, to help you shave a few quid off your motoring and fuel costs.

  • If you get your skates on and apply by midnight today, May 4th 2012, you can pick up RAC Breakdown Cover for as little as £29.99, an offer you can take advantage of even if you’re an existing customer about to renew your current policy
  • The RAC is also offering a £25 fuel voucher to new customers on a selection of their excellent breakdown and recovery products, in a very special offer valid ’til May 11th  

The RAC also offers all sorts of handy insurance policies, all great value for money as well as being from an organisation millions of us trust to look after our interests properly:

  • European breakdown cover, an essential if you’re planning to take your vehicle abroad this year
  • Home insurance from £162 a year
  • Car insurance from £282 a year
  • Specialist motorbike insurance for keen bikers

(Thanks to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/african_fi for the excellent free image)