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2011… a new year, a happier money saving lifestyle!

Decided on your new year’s resolutions yet? Do you make negative new year’s resolutions or positive ones? There’s a big difference. Did you know it’s much easier to stick to positive resolutions than negative?

We think new year  should be a happy time, not a time where you beat yourself up and make yourself miserable!  How about resolving to make your life better instead of worse? Here’s a few ideas for positive resolutions:

  • decide to enjoy buying things you love, desire and need instead of impulse buying 
  • resolve to eat more healthy food and enjoy feeling physically better
  • agree to spend more time together as a family having low cost fun
  • make a pledge to explore your local area on foot and get loads of exercise while you’re at it
  • realise that giving up smoking gives you your sense of smell back – and aim for a smoke free life by spring so you’ll smell the flowers!
  • enjoy saving money using your ingenuity, our tips, special offers and discount codes, saving for that special item you’ve wanted for years 

So… goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011. Here’s wishing you all a wonderful new year. Have a great evening!

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