20 tiny, weeny, miniature money-saving tips

1280927_ticked_checkboxLittle things add up. Here are ten miniscule money saving tips which add up to an amount well worth saving:

  1. it’s best to have the recommended 170mm of loft insulation. If yours is less, double up for lower energy bills and a cosier home
  2. mix bargain basement wine with fruit squash and mineral water for long, delicious drinks that don’t make you fall over!
  3. switch your mobile or tablet off at night instead of leaving it on standby and save on charging-up costs
  4. line unlined curtains with old sheets for extra warmth
  5. buy a slow cooker and create hearty, low cost winter warming stews, soups and casseroles from leftover veg and cheap cuts of meat
  6. stick to 70mph on the motorway, avoid going faster and some say you’ll save as much as a litre of petrol for every 20 miles you drive
  7. stop buying ready meals
  8. seal your windows and doors so you’re snug and draught-free
  9. sign up for Skype and cut the cost of cosy chats right down to the bone
  10. change your mobile contract at least once a year, either by switching or asking your supplier to put you on the best tariff
  11. wash your own car with good old washing up liquid and hot water, using a bucket instead of a hose to save money on water
  12. wash your outer clothes when they look or smell mucky instead of dpoing it automatically after just one wear
  13. use half the amount of washing powder recommended on the pack and wash at 30C unless your clothes are filthy
  14. squeeze half the usual amount of toothpaste onto your brush
  15. park legally. Stash your car further away and walk instead of wasting cash on fines
  16. check your bank statements as soon as they some in and query anything that looks weird
  17. make sure your computer is secure with good quality, up to date anti-virus and malware protection
  18. eat meat-free meals two or three days a week
  19. ditch the mineral water – British tap water is lovely, especially when it’s chilled. And it often contains more minerals than mineral water
  20. look after your teeth!

(Thanks to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/bredmaker for the free image)