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20 things to do with an old T-shirt

You get what you pay for. Super-cheap Ts and cotton tops from Primark soon lose their colour. They’re not meant to stick around in your wardrobe for years giving endless pleasure. They’re cheap ‘n’ cheerful. But once you get into recycling it really hurts to throw things away willy nilly. If you’re hooked on re-using everyday items and wringing every single bit of practical use out of them, here’s 20 things to do with an old long-sleeved T shirt.

  1. cut it into strips and use it to tie your hair back when you’re gardening or doing housework. T shirt material doesn’t fray so you don’t have to hem it. Great for kids’ hair too, when they’re getting mucky or playing out
  2. Use the sleeves as leggings, with the hemmed edge at the top and the bottom hidden in your boots, for this season’s cool layered tights/socks look
  3. Layer a load of old Ts in a basket to make a cosy cat or dog bed, warm and easy to wash
  4. cut it into squares for excellent all-purpose cleaning cloths
  5. slip a sleeve over your hand and use it to polish windows, the car, the kitchen…
  6. use strips to tie stacks of wood, plant stakes, rolls of netting and chicken wire to keep your shed and garage tidy
  7. tie a knot in one end of a section of sleeve. Fill with catnip. Tie the other end and you have a superb cat toy that’ll drive them crazy with pleasure for weeks
  8. cut off the sleeves, cut across the top and elastic the waistband to make a super-skinny, tight mini-skirt to go over your opaque black tights. Fabulous fashion fun for glamorous teens
  9. cut off the sleeves and top part to make a rectangle. Hem the edges. Use the sleeves as handles. Voila, a soft shoulder bag or gym bag
  10. cut the image out of the front of your T shirt and frame it
  11. cut the designs off the fronts of a load of old T shirts and use them like wallpaper, pasting them on with PVA glue. Which sticks them fast and gives them a slight easy-to-clean sheen. Fantastic!
  12. use them to make your own duvet cover, particularly cool if you have a stock of funny, rare and memory-filled T shirts you’d like to keep for sentimental reasons, like a surprising number of blokes do!
  13. DIY bandanas and scarves, decorated with beads and jewels
  14. make old T-shirts into pillow cases…
  15. … and funky cushion covers
  16. make your own beautiful, jewel-coloured or subtle, calm rag rugs on nasty winter nights
  17. cut T shirts into thin strips, knot them together and knit with it for amazing, unique woollies
  18. cut four circles, hem round the edge and thread elastic through for a beret-like hat. Line with fake fur for extra warmth
  19. store old plastic bags for re-use in a long sleeve with a knot in the cut end. Hang several colours together on hooks in your kitchen for a cheery display
  20. cut strips, roll them, gather the bottom and sew it for gorgeous faux roses to go on your hat, round the collar of a jacket or the bottom of a pencil skirt. Include a same-sized strip of net or felt for extra drama

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