20 more money saving tips for fans of frugality

ground elderHere’s the latest in our series of mini money saving tips designed to add up to decent-sized savings. If you have any mini-tips of your own, we’d love to hear them!

  1. use Henna to colour your hair. It comes in blondes and browns as well as reds, it costs next to nothing and it is much, much better for your hair – and a lot cheaper – than the usual nasty chemically stuff
  2. it’s the perfect time of year to collect seeds for your garden from  parks, gardens and the countryside. I tweeted our council and they gave me permission to grow local wild flowers in the verge outside our house. And I pick up free seeds whenever I’m out and about
  3. mix cat litter – the Fullers Earth type – with your compost to help it hang onto water better and dry out less
  4. put used wood-based cat litter, minus the poop, in your compost heap instead of the bin. Urine is a great catalyst (no pun intended!) and the shavings rot down into superb soil
  5. pick elderberries and make your own wine
  6. Get a cardboard box and, if you do Christmas, start stashing gifts away. Do it now and you’ll avoid expensive last minute panic buying
  7. buy a charity shop cut glass or crystal decanter, fill it with bubble bath, tie a ribbon around the top and voila, a sophisticated gift
  8. do you have an A3 printer? If so, scan any image you like off your computer, for example wallpaper, funky fabric or a landscape, print it off and you’ve created a unique sheet of wrapping paper
  9. fancy making posh booze? Buy cheap vodka and flavour it with sweets. Drop in a handful of toffees, mints, chocolate drops or even pear drops, leave it for a few weeks and you’ve created a luxurious drink, perfect for parties or a big night in
  10. honey makes a wonderful face mask. Smooth it on, leave it for fifteen minutes, wash it off. It’s 100% natural and seems to be really good at clearing spots and healing small cuts and bruises, too. I use it all the time on the scratches and insect bites I pick up when gardening
  11. the ancient Greeks used honey as toothpaste… other people recommend plain bicarb of soda
  12. clean your oven every time you use it and you won’t ever need to use that hideous poisonous proprietary cleaner
  13. turn your jumpers inside out before putting them in the wash and they’ll be much less likely to go all bobbly
  14. if you suffer from stinky feet, a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda helps prevent your shoes getting smelly
  15. armpit sweat stains disappear from clothes if you drop on some vinegar and leave it for ten minutes
  16. re-use leftover cooked rice – just rinse and re-heat it
  17. cheap cuts of meat are just as good as expensive ones. You just need to learn to cook them properly to make the most of them. Go Google!
  18. need a new washing machine? Go for something simple instead of choosing one with millions of fancy settings you never use
  19. buy a second hand refurbished or reconditioned bicycle instead of a new one
  20. ground elder isn’t all bad. It’s a weed, but people used to plant it on purpose as a garden vegetable. Delicious!