20 more cool money saving tips

leather and shoe dyesIt’s amazing how tiny things stack up.

Here’s the latest in our series of miniature money saving tips, 2o more ways to save cash.

  1. defrost your freezer if it’s iced up and you’ll use less electricity
  2. if you want posh stuff, visit charity shops in posh areas
  3. go shopping with a plan… and stick to it. If you need jeans, buy jeans. If you need tops, buy tops. Don’t deviate
  4. use charity shops for fancy dress clothes instead of buying poor quality, often horribly expensive (and boring) ready-made costumes
  5. keep ancient T shirts, jumpers and jeans for decorating, gardening, cleaning the car, DIY and other mucky stuff so you don’t ruin your good clothes
  6. use Dylon fabric dye to give new life to natural fabrics
  7. dye leather shoes if they’re tatty – you can get some beautiful leather dyes specifically for shoes
  8. learn to sew. I’m a fine one to talk – it’s on my list of things to do but I don’t really have the patience and can’t stand fannying around trying to thread a sewing machine and get the tension right. But if you’re patient and methodical, there are some beautiful patterns around and you can get original vintage patterns on Ebay
  9. buy offcuts of fabric instead of paying full price
  10. cut the feet off baby bottoms and use them as shorts instead of chucking them out when your little one’s legs get too long
  11. fill an old sock with catnip and watch your puss go nuts trying to ‘kill’ it
  12. stick your hand in an old sock and voila, you’ve created a brilliant polishing ‘tool’
  13. wind old tights around cheap wire coat hangers to protect your good clothes from going out of shape
  14. clear out your clutter, hit your local boot fair and sell it off – my friend Claire made £180 last weekend selling off a load of stuff she didn’t want any more
  15. do you really need to buy it? Or can you borrow it and save yourself a bomb?
  16. if you need work done use tradesmen recommended by Check-a-Trade and save money by steering clear of cowboys
  17. tackle basic DIY jobs like leaks and damp patches around the house early, before things go properly pear shaped, so you don’t need to shell out a fortune on emergency call outs
  18. always get 3 quotes for work you need doing around the house
  19. use everyday household bleach and a toothbrush to clean the grout in your shower instead of an expensive proprietary cleaner
  20. remove hideous 1980s bathroom and kitchen tile transfers with a Stanley knife blade. If there’s a sticky residue left behind, nail varnish remover often does the trick