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10 uses for old t-shirts

Old t-shirts are remarkably useful things. People get very attached to their Ts. And designer or limited edition t-shirts can cost a lot of dosh. Instead of chucking them out you can re-use your old t-shirts in a multitude of ways. Here’s our top five. If you’ve got any more ways to put them to good use, let us know and we’ll feature your ideas here: 

  • cleaning windows – because t-shirt fabric is so soft and doesn’t leave bits of fluff all over the place like standard dusters, t-shirts make excellent cloths for polishing windows… in fact they’re great for housework, full stop
  • protecting clothing – hand over adult t-shirts to the kids to wear when they’re doing messy stuff like painting and glueing. Or wear one as an overall yourself to protect your clothing when you’re doing DIY or gardening
  • creating dishcloths – old t-shirts make really good drying cloths, a low cost replacement for tea cloths. They don’t fray so you don’t even need to hem them
  • making funky PE kit bags and tote bags – cut off the sleeves, line with another old piece of fabric or clothing, sew up the sides and add handles, either from a craft shop or DIY with rope  
  • framing masterpieces – some t-shirts are downright cool… far too cool to discard. Cut out the image from the front, frame your old gig t-shirt or designer classic and make a unique piece of artwork for your home or your kids’ bedrooms
  • getting creative with fashion – cut off the sleeves, re-shape the neck, create integral ties and bows… create a piece of unique clothing
  • making firelighters – for your next camping trip or BBQ, stuff t-shirt fabric into a cardboard loo roll centre, douse with paraffin or stick a birthday cake candle in the end and you’ve got a very effective, slow-buring firelighter
  • donating them – hand ‘em over to a local primary school for little kids to use to protect their clothes during art and craft sessions
  • making bedcovers – cut out the designs from the front of your old t-shirts, stitch together and line to make a unique quilt, throw or duvet cover 
  • creating rag rugs – hippy chic is huge. Old Ts are the perfect material for making rag rugs because they don’t fray even when they’re cut into thin strips 

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