10 tips for saving cash on energy this Christmas

Christmas has gone a bit mad. It’s amazing how any people take two whole weeks off. Which means you’re at home using up energy for fourteen days in mid-winter when it’s at its coldest and darkest. With energy prices as high as they are and set to sky-rocket even more, it’s time to get things under control. Here’s how.

10 tips for saving energy at Xmas

  1. turn out your tree lights and fairy lights whenever you go out. You also cut the risk (and cost) of setting your house on fire!
  2. buy LED lights. They use less around 90% less energy as well as being cooler and safer
  3. Buy fibre-optic tree lights. They’re about as low-energy as it gets
  4. light the rooms you’re using, switch off everywhere else
  5. turn your heating down when you’re making Christmas lunch and let the simple fact that you’re cooking keep things at a comfy temperature. And cook with energy in mind: will it cost less to microwave ingredients or bung them in a grilling machine instead of using the oven?
  6. turn off your main room lighting to give your Christmas tree the extra-sparkly and dramatic prominence it deserves
  7. switch off your heating, tree and fairy lights off at night, inside and out
  8. bear in mind that the more people are in your house, the more body heat they emit
  9. wear your Christmas jumper indoors… go on, you know you want to!
  10. snuggle up: shut the curtains, close all internal doors, use draught excluders and fit thermal door curtains