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10 Tips for Indulging A Desire to Shop

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Sometimes you just get the urge to go shopping. You know that it’s best to be frugal and restrain yourself but you have that feeling that you just want to buy something new. How can you indulge that desire without spending a lot of money? Here are ten tips:

  1. Brainstorm a list of luxury items you want to buy for yourself. Indulge only in the single cheapest item on your list.
  2. Challenge yourself to extreme use of discount codes. You will enjoy the challenge of getting a great deal on the item that you end up buying almost as much as you enjoy the item itself!
  3. Make an amazing frugal meal. Spoil yourself with a great homemade meal and a lovely bottle of inexpensive wine.
  4. Buy an item that you really need. If you purchase something that you actually need then it isn’t a waste of money.
  5. Invest in a collectible item. Spend time researching a smart purchase that will be likely to gain value over time.
  6. Shop for someone else. Get an item that can be given as a gift when the holidays roll around. Better yet, buy something that can go to charity for a feel-good purchase that may be tax deductible.
  7. Locate a great deal on a spa treatment. Discount codes and group buying sites sometimes offer low cost spa options that you can use to treat yourself when you feel the need to spend some money. This can feel better than going shopping for material things that will clutter up the home.
  8. Enjoy a free indulgence instead. Take a day off and stay in bed. Trade massages with a best friend. Spend an evening reading a book at the local library.
  9. Sell something and use the money to go shopping. This balances out your expense.
  10. Leave room in your budget for these times. When making your family budget, make sure that there’s a little wiggle room.

What do you do to curb impulse shopping? Share your tips in the comments below!

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