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10 good reasons to stride out into the lovely autumn world on foot

Here’s me banging on about walking again. But getting from A to B on your own two feet has so many benefits it’s well worth revisiting. Here’s the top ten best things about ditching your car and using Shanks’ pony instead.

  1. you save money on petrol, which is still horribly expensive and likely to stay that way
  2. it’s official. Walking is just as good for you as jogging or running and it hurts much, much less! Walking is good for your cardio vascular system and if you’re pear-shaped it’ll help shrink your bum faster than any diet possibly can
  3. you see, smell and touch the world in all its glory rather than being stuck behind a screen in a metal box
  4. you cut your carbon footprint significantly, transport by combustion engine being one of the worst environmental offenders
  5. you meet people. When you walk, fellow walkers say hello and stop to chat. Thus creating social glue and helping to build stronger communities
  6. you get to know your neighbourhood better, on a much more human level, discovering exciting short cuts and shaving seconds off your journey. Which sounds utterly geeky, but if you’re anything like me you’ll get hooked
  7. walking every day, working up a good, strong rhythm and getting nicely out of breath means you don’t have to spend cash on gym membership and formal exercise regimes. Which are difficult to commit to when you’re busy
  8. your car lasts longer and you spend less on maintenance because you use it less frequently
  9. you might just get a reduction in your car insurance premium if you only use it to commute to and from work, walking or using public transport the rest of the time
  10. walking works in the same sort of way as meditation. Scientists have proved it’s a great way to let your mind wander in creative directions, resolve problems and issues, dream up new ideas and generally refresh your spirit. So you’ll be sharper, clearer and happier at work and at home

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