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I've never heard of discount codes, what are they?

Discount codes, or voucher codes as they are also known, are codes that allow you to get discounts or free services from a wide variety of retailers when you shop online. Discount codes come in many different shapes and sizes with plenty of different functions ranging from free delivery to 10% off your basket value, the cash savings are endless and completely free.

The important thing to know about discount codes is that they will nearly always come with an expiry date. This means you have a limited period of time to use the code and get your discount as once the code expires it will no longer provide you with a saving at the retailers checkout. All discount codes featured on will be displayed alongside an expiry date and once this date has passed the code will automatically be removed from the active discount codes list on that particular retailers page.

The second most important thing to remember when using a discount code is that you should check what the function of the code is. The code function is always displayed directly above the code in a clear, easy to understand manner. For example, if you were to look at our Argos discount codes page an example of a discount code you would typically see would be one with the funtion "15% off all beds" displayed. This one is nice and easy and obviously gives you 15% discount off the total price of any bed on the website. But how do you use your discount codes on the retailers sites? Keep reading below to find out....

OK, so now I know what discount codes are, how do I use them?

Discount codes are really simple to use and can save you lots of money off your everyday purchases online, but how do you use them? Well, it's actually really easy.

Imagine you want to buy a bed from the website and you're on the Argos page on with a voucher code in front of you that entitles you to 15% off any bed. All you need to do is click through on the relevant discount code button and copy the revealed code using the highlight, right-click and copy functions. That would also have triggered the beds section to open in a seperate browser window. Now, simply find the bed you want to buy on the Argos website, add it to the basket and head to the checkout. When you get to the checkout you will see a text box asking you to enter a discount code, voucher code, promotional code or coupon. Don't worry, they are all exactly the same thing, some retailers just use different names. To finish and get your discount, just go ahead and paste the code in to the box, press the button to apply the code and you'll notice the 15% discount will be automatically deducted off of the bed price. That's all there is to it.

Now you know what discount codes are and how to use them, so there is nothing stopping you from saving money on most if not all of your online purchases, and don't forget, is 100% free to use and always will be. We will never charge you to save money, that would just defeat the object now wouldn't it. Happy saving!

Oh and one last thing. If you're still not sure on how to use a discount code, or completely clear on how this website works, take a look at our useful Help page and FAQ's which will have you up to speed in no time.

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