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Great Gatsby style on a shoestring

By Kate on May 20th, 2013 at 8:56am in Fashion

Great Gatsby movie posterOh, the glamour! I read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tragic 1925 tale of decadence, luxury, social upheaval, wealth and unhappiness when I was about twelve but the advent of the film has inspired me to take another look at the book. As a little girl I found it fascinating but there’s no way I ‘got’ all the adult subtleties of the story back then. I reckon it’ll be a real treat, and a second hand copy is currently on its way to me courtesy of Amazon marketplace.

In the meantime I’m inspired look at how to achieve the Great Gatsby look without spending a bomb on new clothes. I have visions of myself drifting around the house in a languid, bored, super-rich spoiled girl sort of way, dressed in shimmering, creamy, heavyweight luxury fabrics. Ha! Fat chance… but it’s fun to try, and I need to do it on the cheap.

Go vintage

We’ve featured excellent Asos discount codes in the past but did you know Asos also does vintage? A bit like Amazon Marketplace, Asos has set up a marketplace to showcase quality vintage outlets and they’ve signed on in their droves, with more than 200 shops featured on the Asos site, here. If you live somewhere without any decent vintage fashion shops on the high street, it’s perfect.

Granny style

How’s your gran? If she was a glamour puss as a youngster, she might have stashed away some gorgeous items. These days there are very few people left alive who were strutting their stuff in the roaring 1920s and ’30s, but she might have an old silk slip or two that you can embellish into something rather splendid.

Women’s vintage clothing online via Oxfam

If you want to give to a good cause as well as find the perfect vintage frock, head for Oxfam online, where there are literally thousands of glorious frocks to choose from, from the 1920s onwards. 1980s sequinned dresses often come with a real 1920s feel and they don’t cost as much as the real thing which are, these days, actually antiques. Vintage night wear is also cool – imagine three or four old cream, coffee, shell pink or pearl grey cream silk slips worn over each other, with added silk ribbons, beading and old lace.

1930s Ebay chic

Ebay is also an excellent source of faded glamour. Take True Vintage 1930s dresses, a feast for the eyes and while not exactly cheap, they cost much less than you’d pay for a brand new designer frock.

20th Century Fox

Ooh, treasure! This online shop is my favourite for all things glamorous, with beautiful copies of the most popular styles from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and 1960s plus shoes, make up and ‘how to’ books about achieving that stunning Hollywood starlet look, whatever your favourite era.

If you’d like to know more about 1930s fashion try Sammy D’s vintage blog, full of great ideas and fascinating information.

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  1. Comment by stacy wong

    liking it, any good evening dresses collection out there?

    Saturday 25th May at 11:05

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