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Beat Christmas gift inequalities – Feel good about giving!

By Kate on December 10th, 2012 at 9:04am in Seasonal

You’ve spent £10 each on Christmas gifts for your relatives. But they’ve spent anything from a fiver to £50 on yours. It’s one of the worst things about Christmas – it doesn’t feel good when you’ve spent much more or less than everyone else.

How do you set the right tone and make sure everyone feels good about the gift giving side of things? These tips are perfect for grown ups, adults who aren’t really bothered about Xmas presents but can’t quite bear to take the final step and opt out, leaving the gift side of things to the kids!

Secret Santa for grown-ups

If you work in an office you’ll probably be familiar with ‘Secret Santa’. It’s great fun at home, too, and can cut the costs of buying presents for the grown ups right down as well as being huge fun. It usually works like this:

  • everyone’s name goes in a hat
  • you agree to a spending limit that’s comfortable for everyone
  • pick out a name each and keep it secret
  • buy a gift for the person whose name you’ve chosen
  • exchange them on Christmas day and have fun guessing who bought what for whom

Adult Christmas lucky dip

Alternatively, get together and create an old fashioned lucky dip, working to the same principle as Secret Santa by agreeing a spending limit up front.

  • buy a gift each, sticking to your agreed financial limit
  • wrap it beautifully
  • create a lucky dip by decorating a large cardboard box
  • traditional lucky dips were made from sawdust but you can always cut a load of old newspapers or magazines into strips instead
  • hide your gifts in the box and let everyone pick one out randomly
  • wrap things in pink or blue to denote male / female gifts or buy unisex gifts that’ll suit everyone

Reserve gift-giving for the kids only

At my age I’m a bit exasperated by Christmas gifts. To me, the gift giving bit is for the kids. Ask your adult relatives how they feel. If you’re all in agreement, reserve gift buying for the little ones in your family and you’ll potentially take a huge amount of financial pressure off the occasion.

If you do buy the grown ups gifts stick to simple gestures like a decent bottle of wine or a box of chocs.


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